RIFT’s Carnival of the Ascended has Begun!

RIFT turns 7 this year. Players can celebrate with the Carnival of the Ascended which began on March 15, 2018, and will run through April 5, 2018.

Seven years has flown by in the blink of an eye – let’s mark the occasion with all of our traditional Carnival events in Tempest Bay. We welcome all Live server players to grab a piece of 7 Year birthday cake and join the celebrations! Wait up, say Prime server players … Tempest Bay? We haven’t found Tempest Bay Yet! Ahh, very true, though you’ve clearly heard rumors of the fun going on there, like echos from a past life. Likewise, a traveling merchant has heard of this new, far off land called Vigil and is even now packing up his mule train to bring you a taste of Carnival! Look for Winachuck Maguck in Sanctum and Meridian. Yes, he has mastered the arcane art of being in two places at once!

New Carnival items available for event currency include:

  • A carousel-style Pegasus companion pet named Celeste
  • Newly designed carnival-style masks
  • Players who are “feeling bubbly” can apply the new Celebratory or Prismatic weapon rune
  • Players who want to throw around some virtual coin can use the Golden or Silver rune of Wealth
  • The Primal Rebirthday Cake has unlimited shelf life
  • Earn a new Raid Tier 2 Earring for level 70’s (RIFT live, only)
  • New 7th Anniversary Cape

Available on the RIFT store for credits:

  • New Wings of the Archfey – “make your own Carnival parade while wearing these beauties”
  • New Mount – Greeñata – a unique floating mount form