Elaphe Presents In-Wheel Motor at CES 2018

Elaphe Propulsion Technologies, a technology company and leading developer and supplier of in-wheel electric propulsion for battery-electric and hybrid vehicles, announced a cutting-edge in-wheel electric motor at CES 2018.

It is an integral part of a working L5e demonstrator vehicle developed together with Groupe PSA and a consortium of 12 partners from six countries. The technology is intended to be industrialized with possible start of production as early as 2020.

Elaphe partnered with Brembo S.p.A. (that supplies brakes for Tesla) to design and manufacturer a fully integrated and extremely compact in-wheel drive solution for light electric vehicles.

The Brembo – Elaphe joint development effort resulted in a modular, air-cooled in-wheel electric motor, which pumps out an astonishing 256 Nm of direct torque (no gearbox necessary), delivering upwards of 25 kW of power per wheel.

The motors are designed to fit into the rear wheels of L-class vehicles. Directly-driven wheels vastly simplify the use of tilting mechanisms, as the vehicle does not require any mechanical transmission.