GNC #1157 Open Source

The government has followed through and started to release code to the public. So developers out there can start to see if there is code that can be re-utilized that you as a tax payer have essentially paid for. Next week the show will be on the road in Denver. I am looking forward to exploring Denver as I have always flown or drove through.

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2 thoughts on “GNC #1157 Open Source

  1. For podcasters I always appreciate a shout out to the show aka to the main website.. Let me know when you do and I will reciprocate. Always love shout outs to the sponsor as well.

  2. I want to make sure I am clear on how to do this. If I want to have a link to GNC on my podcast website to spread the word to my listeners, what link should I use? If I want to mention you on the actual podcast, is it that I need to be saying?

    I thought you said something about what we bookmark vs what we say on the show. Just don’t want to cause problems but I am a fan of the show and would like to add to my list of “ear candy” on my website for others to check out.


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