GNC #1140 iPhone Zero Day Hack

Almost all iPhones and iPad’s have a serious zero day hack. It’s so bad you should update your phone NOW! The defense wall that Apple build has been breached in three different locations that can allow a simple link you click to compromise nearly everything in your phone. The was such a good hack that CyberArms Dealers where selling this to Governments. If your a diehard mac user time to buy some malware and anti-virus protection as your walls are not as well protected as you think they are.

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One thought on “GNC #1140 iPhone Zero Day Hack

  1. The NSA is supposed to protect the American people. Is it protecting the 320 million Americans by knowingly allowing their computers be vulnerable to hacking – just so that our own government can use those vulnerabilities too? Using the defense that ‘stealing information is the job’ is the same justification that is used for many atrocities. Sure, they knew what they were doing was wrong – but they were just following orders, just doing their jobs. Snowden realized that the government was doing things that the citizens did not authorize – and he exposed it. You believe that was a horrible crime, and violated his oath. I believe he was being loyal to the principle of our government of the people, by the people, and for the people. If our own government is stealing information from American citizens, performing mass surveillance, and weakening our computer defenses – and considers it to be ‘just part of the job’ – then that government agency has forgotten who they serve. Any person who tries to preserve a vulnerability, knowing that ‘bad’ people may also exploit that vulnerability, that person has lost his moral compass.

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