GNC #1001 The Road Ahead

Whew we got that one behind us.. This is another great show full of tech talk and of course the announcement of all the winners for the contest. Congrats to all and thank you for the kind words from the last episode.. My offer still stands on Vegas as well, let me know if you are interested. I also talk about the road ahead.

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1 Million Mummies in Egypt.

Show Notes:
A USB OSX Hack that is gonna blow you away!
Rocket Scientist.
Cuba Internet.
Google Responds to MPAA!
SpaceX Landing Attempt.
SpaceX Scrubbed.
Mars Discover Program.
Truth in Reporting.
CoolReaper Chinese Backdoor.
LG Smart TV Update.
Icann Hacked.
Burner Phone App.
Planets being Born.
1 Million Mummies.
CES 2015 Coverage.
Monitoring when you doze off.
Skype Translate.
12 Million Vulnerable Routers.
Ear Infection Kit.
Bionic Double Amputee.
Amazon 1 Hour.
Hacking iCloud.
State Sponsored Hacking of Sony.
Big Pan Sale.
Uber Rapist.
Fake Boulder House.
Comcast 4k Streaming to Samsung TV Only.
Gmail Backup and Purge.
Apple Factory worker Abuse.
Under NYC.
WordPress 4.1.
Land a Plane with an App.
Google Store Tracking.
Surface for the NFL.

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