New Tiltpod Mobile Articulating Stand for the iPhone 5

These days a smartphone may still not be the same as a digital camera, especially an SLR, but they are certainly not bad ways to snap an image while on the go. In fact, the devices even have tripods specially built for them so you can grab steady images, as well as time-lapse and more.

Now, at this week’s NAB show, Tiltpod has introduced a brand new one for the iPhone . According to the company, ” [the] tripod troubles…we’ve all been there.  That stressful game where you try to balance your expensive iPhone on a rock, a fence, leaned up against books—anywhere really.  Just so you can put your camera timer on, and jump in the photo,” says Chris Johnson, Founder of BiteMyApple.  “More often than not, we are left with a poorly framed or cut-off photo or, in the worst case, a damaged phone.  Well, the tiltpod changes the way we capture our memories”.

The new device is “0.2 ounces and only 2″ by 1.4″ by 0.5” in size. The compact design features a nickel-plated magnetic micro positioning pivot for maximum range of motion and precision control.  It works with or without the included iPhone 5 case.

The non-skid base allows the user to quickly adjust and frame the camera for the perfect shot.  It keeps the tiltpod and the attached iPhone secure on any surface including rocks and wood.  The magnet is even strong enough to attach to a magnetic surface such as a metal railing or a car hood.  Simply tilt, point and shoot.

The Tiltpod comes with a magnetic base, iPhone adapter and key ring.  It comes in black or white, and is available for $29.99 at

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