Lane Splitter

Lane Splitter

Generally speaking, I’m not much of a game player. I do play the occasional game of Solitaire, or Words With Friends, not so much to win but more as a challenging exercise to see what words will go where and what letters can be made into words that function within the WWF framework.

I recently came across a simple yet addictive Android-based graphics riding game called Lane Splitter. The game displays a three lane freeway full of cars and trucks that periodically change lanes. These vehicles always use their turn signals signalling their intent. You the motorcyclist are racing down the freeway with the object of avoiding either crashing into the walls or other vehicles. As the game progresses, your motorcycle speeds up, progressively going faster and faster in ever more dense traffic. You steer the motorcycle by tilting your phone or tablet a bit left right from the level position.

Best of all, Lane Splitter is free and the Google Play Store. There are occasional ads in between games, but the ads are non-intrusive and never interrupt the game play itself.

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