It’s almost New Years Eve – bring Times Square to your Android or iOS device

2012 is about to draw to a close and we can all move into a new year with resolutions to break and new technology to look forward to. In the meantime, there is the big Times Square celebration in New York City. You know, where the ball, or apple, drops? It may not be any better than Trafalgar Square in London or the harbor in Sydney, but it does have its own app.

The “Times Square Official Ball App” has become available for those using both Android and iOS devices. This year’s version brings along some great features to get you in the festive mood.

Simplified design, updated for 2013
Much better video stream compatibility
Better support for a broad range of devices
— Tablets
— New larger screen phones
Lots of tweaks and fixes!
International support for photo uploads

You may not make it there live, and honestly you probably wouldn’t want to, given what those in attendance go through for a spot, but you can enjoy the moment on your device, even if you can not catch it on TV.

Now, if only Dick Clark were around to make it just that one little bit better.

Download the Apple app here.

Download the Android app here.