Google updates Play Store, brings no major changes

Google regularly slips out updates to it’s Play Store for Android and sometimes those updates bring some major changes. Then again, sometimes the update is a boring behind-the-scenes little fix that takes care of bugs. Version 3.10.10, which showed up in the download channel today, seems to be the latter.

The latest Google Play download is all of 1.5 KB bigger than the previous version and, after installing it, I was hard-pressed to find a single cosmetic change. I did see one report that said “there are some tweaks to the in-app billing, checkout, and authentication code”.

With that said, any update to the Play store is certainly worth downloading and installing. You can do so right from your phone or tablet, but I find it easiest to download to my PC, plug in my phone, move the file over and then use an installer app like Easy Installer to get the app up and running. You can grab the .APK file from here.

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