Have You Seen Google Fiber TV? You Should

You may recall that a while back Google held a contest for cities around the United States to compete for a new fiber network installed by the Mountain View company. You may also recall that Kansas City was the lucky winner of the super-high-speed broadband service. But, have you seen Google Fiber in action?

The service went live last week and it is showing some amazing promise. Recently Rich Greenfield and Walt Piecyk of BTIG Research traveled to the city to test out the service and what they found was truly stunning — as in next-generation, science-fiction cool.

Not only did the duo record almost one GB up and down speeds, but they show off the new TV service that comes along with the $70 per month package and to call it stunning would be an understatement.

Okay, there are only about 100 channels which may be less than some cable and satellite packages, but wait until you see the mobile integration and user interface.

Google has not, at this point, said if they will roll the service out to any other locations. For the moment, it is only a test. But, given the success and the need, it seems that demand will force the company’s hand.