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Have You Seen Google Fiber TV? You Should

You may recall that a while back Google held a contest for cities around the United States to compete for a new fiber network installed by the Mountain View company. You may also recall that Kansas City was the lucky winner of the super-high-speed broadband service. But, have you seen Google Fiber in action?

The service went live last week and it is showing some amazing promise. Recently Rich Greenfield and Walt Piecyk of BTIG Research traveled to the city to test out the service and what they found was truly stunning — as in next-generation, science-fiction cool.

Not only did the duo record almost one GB up and down speeds, but they show off the new TV service that comes along with the $70 per month package and to call it stunning would be an understatement.

Okay, there are only about 100 channels which may be less than some cable and satellite packages, but wait until you see the mobile integration and user interface.

Google has not, at this point, said if they will roll the service out to any other locations. For the moment, it is only a test. But, given the success and the need, it seems that demand will force the company’s hand.

Hawaii Internet Slow Down could last a Month or More!

Late last night a Fiber Optic cable between two islands was cut here in Hawaii that is causing massive disruption for users of  Time Warner Road Runner Internet service.  Road Runner did not have in place any redundant back haul, and customers statewide were without Internet service for many hours. When the service did come back on-line it is throttled to speeds that rival dial up days as you can see by the speed test I ran.

A very informed GNC reader told me tonight that they are in mass panic, because they are going to be hard pressed to keep services online at a level of service that customers demand and it could be a month or more before the fiber is fixed and service is fully restored to a level that is considered acceptable. He recommended I call other providers immediately, as their is going to a run on other service providers to get connected to something that resembles something other than dial up speeds.

The first question I am asking is how come Oceanic / Road Runner did not have a backup plan. If a single fiber optic line being damaged was enough to bring down the states internet infrastructure there is some gross negligence by Road Runner management here in Hawaii in my opinion, and someone should be held to account for this lack of basic planning.

This should not come as a surprise because basic bandwidth speeds have not increased here significantly in many years. We have waited and waited for promised increased speeds and it has never happened. This incident makes it very obvious that they do not have the infrastructure in place to handle increased speeds. If one fiber cable is damaged resulting in this massive decrease in available service it is obvious that they have not been investing in infrastructure . This should be a wake up call to Oceanic.

Wait times to talk to customer service representatives were endless. While the cutting of a Fiber optic line is bad, they should have realized we live in Hawaii and our nearest neighbor is 2500 miles away.  This slow down is going to cost Hawaii business owners literally 100’s of thousands of dollars.

I encourage Hawaii Road Runner customers to keep the heat on Oceanic / Time Warner. I do not feel sorry for them, they should have considered this as a possibility before, and had the back haul in place to keep us connected at acceptable speeds.

GNC-2010-06-07 #582 Iphone 4 Plus a Lot More!

I announce a couple of contest and a new initiative that I hope will help some Ohana get started with some new projects. Today’s news was dominated by the iPhone but I dug around and found the rest of the stories out there. To all of you that faithfully listen thanks for being part of the Ohana. Todd..

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Listener Links:
iPhone Versus Corp Policies.
China Censors Re-Entry.

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RIAA Wants Limewire closed.
Chattanooga Tennessee US Fastest ISP.
Zero Day Adobe Exploit Bad One!
More Pay Raises for Foxconn employees.
SP1 for Windows 7 Soon!
Artificial Cornea Approved.
HP Printers to come with email address.
Casinos covering losses by saying bad code!
Has the RIAA succeeded?
Link Forwarding can be considered Liable again!
Face in Space.
Demo Hiccups Plague Jobs.
Whats new iPhone ver 4.
Upgrade Early to iPhone 4
720P HD for iPhone 4.
iPhone 4 Pixel Density.
Bing on iPhone 4
Why Wi-Fi only for Facetime?
WWDC what was Missing?
AT&T Conspiracy Theory.
FCC going after Spectrum.
Steve Rubel and Scoble Fav iPad Apps.
Website Prototyping.

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GNC-2009-05-12 #476 Live from Texas

Audio is very airy tonight from the portable rig. Much apologies will get it dialed in for the Friday show. Hate it when that happens. All good plans on using some new tools for Video went south tonight but such is life its a work in progress

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Show Topic Notes:
Open Office 3.1 Available
Sony we really Blew it!
Apple rejects BitTorrent App from App Store Surprise Surprise!
Boeing building remote Stealth Fighter
Check out what a Roomba does while your not home!
Now all you need is Enterprise you have the chair…
Mac drive support coming to Bootcamp
Goodbye Microsoft Watch
Reporter bashes Newspaper Industry
Cox offering 50Mbps Service now for $139.00
Rumor Google walked away from NYT Purchase
AT&T iPhone 3g Experience is killing AT&T
New NYT Reader getting great reviews!
Shuttle off to fix Hubble!
FTC to Investigate Net Neturality
Doing Fiber the Smart way!
Jamming cell phones inside prisons!
Proposed Changes to Adblock Plus that I think are good!
Police can GPS track you without Warrant?
Reporters Life erased from NYT and IHT website.
Congratulations to Grammar Girl!

GNC-2008-02-01 #344

Lots of great commentary and listener feedback. We are almost at the point where we can do a listener feedback show.. Just kidding thanks for being a great audience.

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Zune Users Listener Critical Link To Read

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Antivirus Companies Loosing Battle
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Middle East and Asia Web Outage
Parallels versus VMware
Singapore ISP must give up P2P users Info
Garbage Lawsuit
50 Year old Space Junk
Pirate Bay is Safe
ICANN Domain Testers
MacBook Pro Rumors
Surprise Images from Mercury
US Fiber Upgrade 100 Billion Dollars
TiVo to Focus on HD
AT&T Wireless Outage
Amazon acquires Audible
RealPlayer Labeled Bad
FCC C Block hits Minimum Reserve
Internet makes Lazy
Cell Phone Directory
Amazon Earnings S3 and E2 Explodes
Messenger send Pics from Mercury
ISS Spacewalk
Thanks Podcast Sisters
Cox Looking at Outbound email
XP PC World Survey

GNC-2007-10-23 #311

I get serious about what is happening in the Tech Blogging space and this Monkey business that Comcast is up to! Are you ready to get it on!

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Steve Ballmer Interview
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Soviet Launch Facilities Like Mailman
RIAA fighting to pay Attorney Fees
Dave Winers New way to View News
New Zune Nov 13th
Walt Mossberg Please release me!!
Samsungs new 1 cm Monitors
Soyuz Lands after Wild Ride home from ISS
Wireless SD card
Big Media Pulling out of YouTube (Good Riddance)
Verizon FIOS Announcement Today
New Trans-Pacific Fiber Cable
Shuttle to try and Launch this Morning
More RSS Tampering
Gen X better learn some Skills

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