Google Play Store Updated to 3.9.17, Adds Little

A couple of weeks ago Google updated their Play Store to version 3.9.16, adding a lot of new features, including an updated “installed apps” menu with the ability to multi-select by long-pressing any app in the list and then tapping more apps, allowing you to delete them all in one go, as well as a notification icon that alerts you to app updates and several other improvements.  The update rolled out gradually, but by now should have reached all users.

Now, in quick succession, the company has issued version 3.9.17, which unfortunately doesn’t bring nearly as many enhancements, but still adds some minor updates.  There are new XXHDPI 144 x 144 pixel icons for tablets and new icons account for the 120 KB jump in size over version 3.9.16.  Beyond that it is likely behind the scenes bug fixes.

We haven’t heard yet if this update has begun rolling out to customers, but you can grab it now thanks to Android Police posting the .APK file.  Download the file to your computer, plug in your device and move the file over to your phone or tablet.  You can browse to it and install, but I find it easier to use an installer such as Easy Installer, which is free from the Google Play Store.  You can download the .APK directly to your phone, but you will need to make sure it goes to the proper directory.

As I said previously, you won’t find much different here, but it’s certainly worth installing, especially if you have a tablet.  Otherwise, the update will likely begin rolling out soon if it hasn’t already.

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