Apple is Giving Podcasts Their Own App on iOs 6

I am a big fan of podcasts and have been almost since they began back in 2004–2005. I listen at least twenty podcast a week, and produce one of my own Remembrances Back in the Day. So the fact that Microsoft seems to be giving podcast the short end of the straw is disappointing. Then there was a headline today that Podcasts aren’t listed in iTunes in the beta version of iOS 6. I thought oh no, don’t tell me Apple is following Microsoft’s lead. I should have known better. All Things D  solved the mystery, Apple is simply giving Podcasts their own applications, on iOs 6. Similar to what it did when it gave iBooks and videos their own apps and what they are also doing with the iTunes U. This will allow Podcasts to stand out from the crowd, instead of being lost among the music in the iTunes store.

I do wonder if it will have any effect on third-party podcast applications or as some would put are third-party podcast apps being sherlocked. I expect some will fall by the wayside but the better ones that offer more options will be fine

The biggest disappointment is that there will be no separate app for Podcasts on the desktop. Something which is desperately needed iTunes has become way too bloated. I would love to see separate application on the desktop for  Podcasts.  However a separate application on the iPhone and iPad is a good start.