Accell UltraAV Mini 1×4 HDMI A/V Splitter Review

In the past several months as I have been re-working my recording studio I have had the need to utilize some 1×4 HDMI Splitters to replicate HDMI distribution from computers to DVD players.  The Accell Ultra Mini 1×4 HDMI A/V Splitter works great especially when you have space constraints. The small footprint of the splitter is significantly smaller than similar splitters from companies like Altona, and you get the space savings without a compromise on performance.

Supports Resolutions up to 1080p
Total Data Rate 6.75Gbps (225mhz)
Max Cable Length is 16ft on Input and 33ft on Output
Dimensions are 6.2W x 2.7L x .75H
Supports 480p, 720P, 1080i & 1080p
Support 3d Video Format
Compatible with HDCP compliant Devices
1 Yr Warranty

One of the challenges I have seen with HDMI Splitters is that sometimes they do not sync with the devices they are connected to. In my test I did not have any Sync issues, and plugging in a device without recycling the power was not an issue as the device detected the new component and outputted video to it. The front panel shows power condition, and led’s light light up when a device is plugged in and has an active output.

The best ting is the device is priced under $100.00, in all of the online locations I looked at. So if your looking for a HDMI Splitter you cannot go wrong with the Accell UltraAV Mini 1×4 HDMI Splitter.


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