Lego SmartBricks Could Bring Computer Integration to Your Creations

Before we get started let me just point out that Lego SmartBricks aren’t yet available, but they may be on the way if enough people get behind the product.  The “smart” Lego brick will integrated with a smartphone or tablet to relay their exact configuration.  The blocks have a small chip inserted within each brick that will communicate with both android and iOS devices.

When using the SmartBricks, anything you create with real Lego can appear in digital form on your tablet or phone.  This allows the builder to model something like a racing vehicle in the real world that would then be converted into a digital version automatically so you can test it out against other people’s creations in a sort of Mario-Kart-like game.

The possibilities for this product are endless. The SmartBricks is currently a concept posted on the Lego Cuusoo page and they are hoping for enough attention to get picked up and funded.  That should not be a problem given the already-high interest being given to this potential new product.