Q2 Radio by Armour Home Electronics

There are a lot of Wi-Fi Internet radios around, many offer tons of options and stations to pick from. However most consumers have around four favorite stations they keep returning to again and again. Armour Home Electronics took this idea and produced the Q2 Radio.

The Q2 Radio is cube shaped and on each side is a preset radio station. You preset your choices by downloading the software from the Web and entering your access code. Once you have been identified you can then drag and drop your favorite stations. You can preset up to four stations one for each side of the cube. To change which preset station you are listening to you simply twist the cube until the station you want is at the top. To decrease or increase the volume start to tip the cube up or down. If you want to mute it turn it on its face. The Q2 Radio produces mono sound, but if you connect headphones you can listen in stereo. The Q2 Radio can run off of any Wi-Fi or mobile hot spot. It comes in multiple choice of colors. Q2 Radio is currently being launched in the United States. You can find more information on price and availability at the Q2 Radio Website.

Interview by Andy McCaskey and Courtney Wallin, of SDR News

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