NFL Brings Preseason Games to the Internet

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It looks like the NFL, the last bastion of technology-phobia in sports, may be starting to come around.  While they haven’t announced anything regarding regular season games being available online, they did send out an email announcement today that all preseason games will be broadcast live on the internet.  I find it to be a step forward, while also still displaying their lack of understanding of modern media.

On the plus side, the NFL is actually broadcasting games live on the internet – all of them – every single preseason game.  On the negative side, you have to buy them all.  Granted, it’s only $19.99, which is pretty cheap for 32 teams each playing 4 games, but where is the per-game option?  What if I want to watch only the 4 games of my team?  Can we have a per-game price (read $1.99 or there abouts)?

In fairness, at least they are taking this step, and we should be happy with the progress.  And yes, I will pay the $19.99 and probably watch only 4 games.  But, I will also consider it as progress for the sport Americans love more than any other.  Maybe they still have a regular season surprise in store for us.  To subscribe, you can visit NFL Preseason Live.

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  1. Internet games are always inspiring for the young generations. In this respect role of NFL is really incredible. Nice post indeed.

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