Ford Shows Off V2V Car Tech

Today, through both Cnet and Engadget, we got a look ahead at Ford’s vision of the future of the automobile.  The “V2V” monicker refers to “vehicle to vehicle” and it’s a new way for cars to communicate with each other while driving down the road.

A video, produced by Ford, has surfaced that gives a nice walk-through of the technology involved.  As you can probably guess, before the rep explains it, it is really just basic cell phone technology being used here.  The cars can let other vehicles in the area know of slowing or stopping traffic, lane changes, stop sign and red-light runners and a host of other things.

The video is demonstrated with both animation and real, live footage in the video below.  You will also get a brief, but passable, explanation from some of Ford’s representatives about what it is capable of and how it works.

Like much of car-automation technology, a lot of this is probably years in the future.  But, we are starting to see a lot more similar technology creeping into today’s showroom models.  Enough to say I am hopeful that this is closer than we may think.