Microsoft Rep Takes a Dig at Apple Fanboy

Microsoft made some big announcements today at the E3 gaming show, most surrounding the Xbox, but a few involved Xbox Live in Windows Phone. However the bigger, or at least more interesting, Windows Phone news came from Microsoft Vice President of Windows Phone Joe Belfiore, via his Twitter account.

Today an Apple fan got excited about the fact the volume up button can be used to take a picture.  Mr. Belfiore responded, good-naturedly, that Windows Phone can do a good bit more.  It was a rare bit of humor from Redmond, which tends to stick to the policy of ignoring Apple completely (while sometimes borrowing an idea).

Perhaps the Windows Phone team has some reasons to be happy.  After all, they are definitely on the rise, while Apple may be running a bit low on new ideas as they have slipped behind Android and are looking over their shoulder at Windows Phone.  Today’s announcements didn’t break any new ground, but seemed more like playing catch-up.

Make no mistake though, Apple can never be counted out and may have something huge brewing that hasn’t yet made it into the rumor mill.  But, at least for one day, it seems Microsoft may have a leg up.

4 thoughts on “Microsoft Rep Takes a Dig at Apple Fanboy

  1. What a joke… Microsoft is irrelevant and it shows – all they can do is tweet “we had it first”… as if Apple simply came out with these features a few weeks after Microsoft announces them?

    Microsoft is a joke. They made even bigger fools of themselves with tweets like this.

  2. Apple “looking over their shoulder” at WP7? Try, looking under their heel. Or looking through a microscope.
    Seriously, the most informed estimate of actual WP7 phone sales to date was still UNDER 1 million. Total, not first week.
    That is quite simply an epic Fail.

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