GNC-2011-02-21 #649 No Mom Jeans

Have you signed up for the newsletter? If not you will want to sign up for the newsletter today see link at the top of the page. For those watching the show, we discovered a rendering setting that had gotten jacked up. I have it all fixed for this show and will be going back and re-rendering some of the older shows to fix the issue that we just noticed. Lot’s to share tonight as always. I have been feeding you all and extraordinary number of articles and commentary have we hit the right balance?

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Show Notes:
XOOM to get New Flash First.
U.S. Cellular has a deal.
Zune HD launches in Canda.
Electric Motorcycle.
Chicago Faces Nightmare Electric Charging Issue.
Readability Flips Apple the Bird.
Facebook Messenger App.
GPS Tracking Truants.
P=Product Placement.
Day 1 Google Chrome OS
Ford Prediction Market.
Morning Tech Show and Silos.
Two Instances in OS X
Can you loose your URL Bar?
Gimp Paint Studio Tips.
5 Steps to Cord Cutting.
Personal Submarine.
Bike Alarm.
Death Star Cookie Jar.
900,000 loose Usenet Access.
Google Gets Involved in P2P Lawsuit.
$7.00 per Track Fine in Sweden.
Hotfile Killing Copyright Infringer Accounts.
BitComet Popular but nor English Version.
Be Your Own Wireless Carrier.
Shuttle Crew at Cape.
Solar Storm Insights.
Mars Atmosphere Mysteries Solved.
Will you Live to a 1000?
ATV Kepler Launch.
Your College Student?
Libyan Pilots Defect.
* My Old Coach would Love This!
Username and Password please!
Brilliant way to Jack your Car up.
Twitter Declares War!
Twitter forgot the Users.
Windows 8 Milestone 2!
NYT Gets Blogger Article wrong.
Matt Says Blogging Growth UP!
Apple Kicks Verizon’s Butt in Download testing!
Canadians Still Battling!
Did Westboro Fake it?
Donations For Gamer Sony is Suing.
Skynet going Active Now!
Shuttle Images.
Windows Home Server 2011 as a Backup for Time Machine.
ICE admits is Messed up.
Banning your own software through software licenses.
Texting and Facebooking while Driving+Accident=Long Jail Sentence.

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