DIY Weather Balloon Video

Over at How It Works there’s a short story about a father and his two children sending up a weather balloon to 19 miles with a video camera on-board.  The camera records all of the ascent and all but 2 minutes of the descent – the battery runs out!

It takes the Geissbuhler family eight months of planning and it’s a great testimony to what can be achieved by enthusiasts.  It certainly helps that the miniaturisation of technology has allowed GPS and hi-res video cameras to be encapsulated in tiny devices such as mobile phones.  However, this shouldn’t take away from their achievements.  Here’s the video.

5 thoughts on “DIY Weather Balloon Video

  1. Apologies – I incorrectly said 19 km when I should have said 19 miles. I had my European head on.

  2. I’m not sure but I know here in the UK there are certain places where you can do high altitude things like launch rockets. I’m really not an expert.

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