Iphone iOS4 Review

This is my initial review of the iPhone iOS 4.0 update.  I updated my 3GS phone, I will not get the IPhone 4 until the middle of July  Right now I am writing while listening to Pandora. The multitasking works well.  If you have multiple applications open, you switch between them by double tapping the home button. It works really well and quite fluidly.

The camera is a little flaky, the shutter continued to click after I had stopped pressing the button.  I had to do a complete shutdown to make it stop. I discovered the zoom in by mistake and I am having trouble duplicating it.  I think it appears when you place your finger in the blue square, but I am not sure.  I’ll have to do some further investigation to figure out how it works.  The zoom itself works well, although it will probably work better on an IPhone 4 which should have a better camera.

I do like having folders. To create them you simply press on an icon till the x appears then drag it on top of another icon and a folder is created.  You can have up to twelve icons in a folder.  A name for a folder is created automatically, however you can rename it what ever you want.  The mail is set up, so you can read all your mail in one inbox or in separate inboxes.  You can also read them by accounts, if you prefer.  I am not sure if both are necessary, but I am not an email power user.

You have to download the IBook reader  from the application store. It took me a little while to figure that out.  Like the IPad it comes with Winnie the Pooh.  I have been unable to reach the IBook store, to see how it looks.  I already have the Amazon Kindle app installed, so I will compare the two at a later date.

There are a couple things I haven’t tried, the tap to focus video, gift apps and the wireless keyboard support . I either don’t have or don’t use those products.  The final thing is the spell checker, if you think you’ve miss spelled something, you can select it then hit replace and it will give you some options.  The options can be somewhat humorous .

All together the update went without a hitch, the most important additions for me were multitasking and folders. Like most IPhone users I have been looking for both of these since the first IPhone came out.  Have you updated, your IPhone, if you have what do you think?  If you haven’t why not?

Update:  June 22,2010

When I got up this morning and tried to use Itunes on the Iphone, it kept on crashing.  If this happens to you, just resync it with Itunes and that seems to fix the problem.