Steve Jobs Keynote WWDC: Let the Rumors Begin!

It was announced over the weekend that Steve Jobs will be giving the keynote to this year’s WWDC. It was no big surprise there. However, this is usually the time where all the rumors start to flood the internet.

It hasn’t been too crazy – Possibly because of the prototype phones out in the wild. We are definitely expecting a new model of phone come June 7th. But what about the rest?

Apple already updated their Mac line last week. Apple TV is just riding on coat tails. The iPad is still in roll-out mode from January. iPod information usually doesn’t get announced until October.

Could this be a dull event?

Probably not. We’ve just seemed to relinquish our rumor mills a bit early. Unless some new tidbit is leaked last minute, we are ready for the big event.

But it won’t deter the rumor mill from churning ideas like butter. It’s gonna be hard, though. All the rumors are already out there…

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