Psystar Files Chapter 11

Well this is a turn of events: Psystar filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy today. The Mac Observer says that it might be a sign their financial backers pulled out. In any case, this might be a stalemate Apple issue, since the lawsuit really won’t do anything if the company doesn’t have any money.

This might have been the best tactic. Apple puts up a lawsuit and lets the company sweat until the money dries up. Then there won’t be an issue and it all goes away in a fell swoop. I could then see this become fuel for those “Apple is a Monopoly” protesters.

Court will be held on June 5th to see where the money is divided up. Of course, someone could invest within the next couple weeks and put Psystar back on track. But who wants to go through that headache?

Of course, Psystar came onto the scene a year ago with a machine that came bundled with Mac OSX 10.5. Apple has been fighting in court to get Psystar to stop, while Psystar counter-sued Apple on Anti-trust grounds.

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