Apple Going Cheap? Hopefully Cheaper.

Rumors are building that Apple may introduce product discounts not seen before.  In an effort to sell product, PC manufacturers are slashing profit to the point of bleeding.  Apple has held relatively firm in pricing and met or exceeded profit expectations.  A few pricing exceptions are the very modest decreases on the base white Macbook and iMacs.  While Apple may never slash prices to threaten overall profits, surely there is room for a price reduction that will sell more units and maintain the overall profit?  It seems to me that now would be the time to modestly, but attractively, reduce prices and grab market share.

Now is the time of year where Apple can hang a few carrots out there in front of the college crowd.  They are about to start summer jobs. sale1 Why not place some highly attractive incentives out there they cannot refuse?  If Apple can win the hearts of the high school and collegiate students then in a few years the real growth will be seen.  What happens after a whole generation of Apple lovers begin to take control of the companies of the world?

The timing is right.  Apple with it’s $28.9 Billion in cold cash should make a market grab.  Nothing drastic, just a good old-fashioned, irresistible deal that brings the computers within reach.  Perhaps not cheap, but within reach.