GNC-2009-02-06 #449 Had Fun with the Mac this Show

Ok folks quick update. I will be headed back to Hawaii early as my business has completed early here. I will be back in the Studio fr next Tuesdays show. Lots to chat about tonight. I am sad to leave ealry but at the same time I have plenty to do at home.

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Listener Links:
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Hawaii get 20Mps
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Show Notes:
Machine that copies itself
40k Alien Planets
Apple Design Process
Alert MySpace user saves Life
NGC 604 APOD Amazing Image
Digital Pirates Winning
Perfect Valentine Gift
Xbox and Netflix 1 Million Activations
Windows 7 Six Editions
Time Warner Expands Bandwdth Caps to your Area
Spammer Registrars Havens
Microsoft Fix It feature
Mobile Google Book Search
Malware scam via Parking Ticket??
Gmail Multi-Pane Viewing
Swicth to Digital TV
Bookmark Sync Tool
Sprit on the Move
Global BitTorrent Usage
Radio may have to Pay to Play Finally
Privacy on Google Tracker
Broadband Cap Concerns
DOJ is now MPAA/RIAA/BSA Lawyer Haven
AP Wants to get paid over Obama Image

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