Welcome to the Real World!

2009-changeI can just hear them screaming at the top of their lungs. Imagine going from having your iPhone, Mac or Updated PC and having access to every program under the sun to walk into the White House to find Windows Machines that are probably running Windows 2000 with heavily dated software.

Not only that but being blocked by the big federal firewall in the sky. Try going to Facebook, Twitter or Gmail. They probably got a very familiar “this site is not authorized”.

Want to change the screen background? Better put in a trouble ticket because you can bet that to do that you need admin permissions.

Oh an do not even try emailing a document over 2–3 megs, don’t put a USB stick in the machine, don’t try and install your own applications, because on a federal computer the IT Nazi has monitoring programs setup that will simply close you network connection if you try to back door in something that is not authorized.

Ohh an good luck getting it turned back on right away, you may find yourself signing a stack of papers promising not to do that again. I just wonder if the President has to put in his CAC card and enter a ridiculously long password to login.

I just wonder how many months it is going to take to get some Macs into the White House.

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