Psystar Still At it – Now With Notebooks

Six months ago, Psystar entered the Desktop arena with a PC for $600 that could get your choice of Windows, Linux or Mac OSX. Of course Apple responded with a Lawsuit and Psystar countered. Every time we speculated Psystar is going down – Yet, they seem to continue on.

Psystar has announced in a Press Release they will be putting in Blue-Ray Players and NVidia 9800GT Graphics Cards into their lines of machines. Further, AppleInsider notes a Psystar representative has acknowledged:

Although there is no mobile open computer at the moment, I can tell you that it is something that is in development

How can this be? You would think that if there is a lawsuit under way that Psystar wouldn’t buck the system. Granted, the notebook can easily have Microsoft of Linux on it, but to jump into the pile of leaves like that is interesting and maybe even reckless. Could it indicate that Psystar may have the advantage in the lawsuit or are they just doing “Business as planned”?

One thing is for sure – If Psystar comes out with a $600 notebook (and one with Firewire I might add), Apple will definitely have to look at their practices with customers. Even though they are a debt-free company doesn’t mean they could fall into bankruptcy due to lack of sales.

BTW – For those that don’t know, Rainer Brockerhoff explains why Firewire on the Macbooks was not feesable with the new design.

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