GNC-2008-10-13 #416 Back in the Saddle

Hey Folks I am back from vacation and back in the saddle. Great to have the batteries recharged and ready to take on the world. Off to Dallas tonight and will be recording the next show from Texas.

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Show Notes:
Mark Cubans Cause of Bubbles
2008 Ozone Hole
GPS could save Billions
20 Mac Apps?
F-35B Transforms
Cool Music From XP and 98
25 Photo Portfolios
YouTube full Length TV Shows?
Yoggie for Mac
Yes Elmo Live (Listen to Show)
Fon Spot 2.0
Trim your CD make it more Round?
1.5 Million G1 Pre-Orders
Bareback HD Docking Sleeve
IBEX to Map Solar Edge
Ad Sales to Plummet?
Gary Vaynerchuk and I Agree a 100%
RSS Converters
Seesmic lays more people off
FCC Free Wireless Web
Silverlight 2
Newspapers Web Ad Revenue Stalls
Verizon SMS Hike will hurt many Web 2.0 Companies
Soyuz to ISS
MSL to Mars in 2009
Benefits of Sponsoring a Wordcamp
McAfee Says more Bogus Security Software
MPAA and why the Sued Real

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