GNC-2008-09-29 #412 Audio is Fixed

Fixed the Audio Problem from last show… Big Apologies.. It has been a beyond crazy weekend here and Murphys Law struck on our Show 400 Interview. I think you will all be entertained and yes I am about at my wits end.

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Listener Links:
Hadron Collider Repairs
Archos 5 Review
Linux Mint

Show Notes:
Scoble 165
Chinese Spacewalk
Congress Internet Radio
Jules Verne Re-Entry
Congress Broadband Data Collection
Amazon Video Ripping
YouTube Redesign and Larger File Sizes
Apple Notebooks are Growing in Market Share
Apple Stocks are Down
Apple updates App Store Redesign
Web Based Photo Editing
Consumers Hate Bandwidth Caps
Jules Verne Reentry Burn Up
Hubble has major communication Failure
XOHM Wimax Live Sort of
Archos 5 Unboxing
FCC working on Multi-Carrier Merger
1 Year wait for Samsung Android
Methane Plumes
Resume Tips
Firefox 8 Tips
App Store Mania
Veto RIAA/MPAA Enforcement Bill
Health Pill 4 in 1
Mars Lander Sees Snow
Pirate Bay battling book Publishers

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