GNC-2008-09-26 #411 Several Hiccups Tonight

Tried some new methods tonight and had a few hiccups, but the content today is top notch and we cover a lot of ground.

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Listener Links:
CS4 Apps Tutorial
Natural Gas up for Auction on Ebay
Web as it was in 1934

Show Notes:
New Macbook Bogus Pics
Satellite Graveyard
Android Apps a Go
Battle of Linux Distros (Feedback)
Pirate Bay back on in Italy
Human Airbags
Judge Declares Mistrial on RIAA Case
T-Mobile G1 Manual
Rockbox Software for iPod
Sling Media HD
T-Mobile will not limit Android to 1GB Monthly
MySpace Music Review
Apple Killing Developer Motivations
Baikonur Cosmodrome Pics Amazing!
Your Username Checkup Service
Typical Blogger Technorati Review
Google Launches Propaganda Site
Consumers Mis-Informed about Internet Privacy
Worlds Electric Grid Open to Attack
NASA can book Russian Flights in Future
Shuttle Launches Minor Delay
Intelsat Bird in Orbit
Chinese Actual Launch Coverage not Fake
Chinese Fake Launch Story
Apple Finally Patches Old Java Security Issue
Some Companies are just Evil
Bell Canada Extorts money for GPS!
Apple NDA for iPhone App Developers have people Pissed
AT&T and Verizon Refrain from Tracking?

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