GNC-2008-09-05 #405 Fun show tonight you will want to Listen

Tune in to hear what my Doctor had to say, I think you all will be surprised what he said is causing my chronic cough and yes I’m gonna live :)

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Show Notes:
Scientist get Death Threats
Comcast Sues FCC
50 Billion Suns
Lenticular in Hawaii
Dell Inspiron Mini 9
High Speed Photos
Close look at Blackhole
Picasa 3
120GB Zune
New Sony HD Cameras
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QIK Capable Phones Expand
Mobile Data Plans
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Bot Infected PC Quadruple
Google Chrome Tracking
Documents Galore
Yahoo Stock in Basement
Sony Recalls Laptops
Hawaii Public Radio Interview I Did
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Atlantis Rolled to the Pad
Progress and ATV to be De-Orbited
Amazon Video On Demand
Honda New Hybrid
FCC Wireless to End Debate
Citibank Scam

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One thought on “GNC-2008-09-05 #405 Fun show tonight you will want to Listen

  1. Todd, you talked about your persistent cough that you had. I recently went thru the same thing thinking it might be allergies. I went to the doctor and she said that it could be the blood pressure medicine that I was taking, coughing is a side effect. I’ve been taking the same stuff for a couple of years and then all of a sudden and mostly at night, I would get a cough that just wouldn’t quit. The doctor went ahead and gave me a sample of some new blood pressure pills and low and behold, with in 3 days the cough was completely gone.
    Don’t know if you take any blood pressure pills or not but if you find that acid reflux wasn’t the cause, you might want to check into it.

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