iPhone iRony?

When the iPhone v.1 came out last year, Apple got a lot of flack for going Edge instead of 3G. Steve Jobs said in a public forum that the 3G chip took up too much power. There was also talk about the 3G chip being a really large chip almost doubling the size of the phone if it was in there.

People didn’t care. They wanted speed over power. Then the chip size was reduced. So Apple decided to appease the masses and brought out the iPhone v.2. It had 3G which was 152 kbps faster than Edge. It was slimmer than the 1st version of iPhone. People were happy.

That is, until they found out how much the 3G service sucked power out their iPhones…

Now in all fairness, I think a lot of people understood the 3G power issues getting into the new phone. I think the fact that there are other problems with 3G is the main reason why we are hearing about people not happy with the 3G power issues.

Now there is talk about iPhone getting a mass recall. Apple and Infineon (who manufacture the chip causing the problems) says that it’s just a software update needed to fix the problem, but it’s still getting a lot of talk back and forth. If this software update does not fix the problem, we may be seeing a recall happen.

Still, there are a lot of Bloggers out there that have talked about the iPhone 3G iDrain. Some sites have tried to help understand and even ways to turn on and off the feature if you don’t need it. Apple even put the 3G switch in about a month or so before the iPhone release.

The reality is the 3G will continue to take more power to run. You shouldn’t have it on all the time or else your standby time will be less than 250 hours. Talk time will be less.

Then again, you can always turn off the 3G option and go to the EDGE network. Last time I read, you have the option.

One thought on “iPhone iRony?

  1. Sorry dude, I totally disagree.
    I recently bought a new laptop, kicked off the preinstalled Vista and installed Kubuntu. Kubuntu being a Linux variety with KDE desktop (see http://www.kubuntu.org)

    Kubuntu installed without a hitch, and I was amazed about the professional appearance in comparison to Windows.
    And yes it has its flaws, as does Windows.
    And you get prompt updates, which you do not get with Windows.
    And it also runs Windows programs, Windows does not run Linux programs, on occasion it does not even run its own.
    And it is free of charge, which Windows is not.
    And you get a ‘Helpdesk’ of thousands of knowledgable co-users, which Windows can not hope to achieve.
    As a user of Windows I never received any satisfactory/useful support by Microsoft. Internet was always the better and faster option.

    You can order a free DVD to have a test drive. This test drive will not alter a bit on you system, but will offer you a quick glimpse of what a proper system and desktop can look like.
    Odds are that you will never go back.

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