GNC-2008-02-26 #351

Back in Beautiful Hawaii and very Happy to be back in the GNC Studio. Lots to catch up on and some really good voice mails to boot.

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Listener Links:
Pakistan Blows out YouTube
Book Suggestion by Listener
Japanese Satelitte
Medical Records #1
Medical Records #2

Show Notes:
Do you have Flash Issues with MAC OS X
MIT & Fusion
SEO Optimization Tricks
Stage 6 Dead Pool
Cameras give you Ticket based on Blood Content
Domesday Seed Bank
More Apple Products Coming?
Double your Email Account with Gmail
Adobe Air Applications
$49.99 HD DVD by Xbox 360
Super X1000 SuperComputer
Network Solutions Sued for being Greedy
Bloglines Outage (DeadPool?)
Comcast Versus Everyone
Ubuntu Issues to go Mainstream
Virgin Atlantic Bio-Fuel Test
Database Snooping

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