AT&T and Dish Network Slams California Fire Victim

Your home burns to the ground, you call to cancel service and the service agent told they would have to pay for the receiver. This is what you call a corporate relations nightmare.

This is another reason why I refuse to give AT&T a penny of my money. AT&T should have had a policy in place long ago for fire victims. A little good will goes a long long way in keeping fire victims happy after such a significant event.

Call that one customer lost forever and 1000’s more informed on how rotten they are.

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One thought on “AT&T and Dish Network Slams California Fire Victim

  1. There is an update from AT&T. Apparently the satellite contractor AT&T was using for that area was Dish Network, and they were the ones wanting the homeowners to pay for the lost box. AT&T has now rectified the situation and the homeowners won’t be paying anything at all. AT&T is working hard to help people suspend all their services without extra cost during the disaster in California. It’s nice to see them doing the right thing.

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