Yahoo Can’t Win with the Tech Bloggers!

Yesterday everyone was praising the new CEO pick Marissa Mayer, and today a number of tech sites are on master blaster mode, because they say she is a tough micro-managing leader who holds court and rules. I guess they did not get enough hits on day one when they where praising the decision.

I’ll be honest with the way some folks are today there needs to be some tough leaders that hold people’s feet to the fire ensuring they do what they are paid to do. Way to many leaders want to be nice instead of being a boss. While their are many things that make a good boss, I will never forget the one that influenced me the most. While I was in the Navy the best Boss I ever had was a no holds bared get stuff done or I will run you over type of guy but at the same time was at work earlier and stayed later than anyone else and worked just as hard if not harder than those he led.

Work got done and if you missed a deadline that should not have been missed you where going to have some very long nights at the office until it was finished with some one on one mentoring of said boss. There was a clear vision of where we where headed at all times. It was his way or the highway.

Business is business and sometimes people need a swift kick in the butt way to many people cruising facebook & twitter all day and not doing what there supposed to be doing. Praise is equally deserved but nothing more motivating than some peer pressure when you did not get done what was expected of you. While the Military has it’s chain of command it runs more like a business than you can ever imagine with the consequences of failure much higher.

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