Dynamics Wants to Become Your Only Credit Card

Are you getting tired of those multiple cards stuffed into your wallet?  Dynamics is looking to lighten that wallet a bit, by reducing the cards you carry around to just one.  This isn’t just a credit card, but a credit card-sized computer.  The plastic card has a miniature chip built into it that allows you to switch the card’s magnetic strip between multiple different cards you own.

There are several different versions of this new card, depending on a user’s preferences.  These new cards are also completely water-proof, which I assume means washer-proof, which will save some time and stress in our home.  The cards are also much more secure than current credit cards because all data can be erased so that if it’s lost or stolen it will be useless to the person who gets it.

In addition to their innovative credit cards, Dynamics also offers a card that can hold a person’s complete medical records in case of an emergency.  You can find more about all of these by visiting the Dynamics site.

Interview by Jeffrey Powers of Geekazine.

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