Apple TV Review

AppletvUnless you have been sleeping under a tree you probably already know that the Apple TV has been shipping and a few lucky souls have been able to acquire and play with one early.

I have two media center PC’s that are not hooked up to any Televisions and I am seriously thinking about picking one of these up. The device integrates with other computers in your home Windows or Mac which is a very smart thing. WSJ

One thought on “Apple TV Review

  1. My Apple TV is in the air somewhere between Anchorage, Alaska and… wherever the next waypoint is. But I’m happily devouring reviews and unboxing galleries and videos.

    I recently tried Amazon Unbox on TiVo, so the “last gap” between my computer and my TV was already bridged surprisingly well. But I’m still excited about the Apple TV experience and its integration with iTunes (I hope they, like Xbox, sell HD TV content soon — for now, there’s HD podcasts).

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