GNC-2007-03-02 #246

Listen to this show now, one of the best in a long time, jam packed from end to end with content and get up on my soapbox for some call to actions!

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Listener Links:
F-22 Glitch
Open Source and Education
Linksys Open Source Firmware
Fair Use Bill
EFF Coverage Fair Use Bill
Toyota Highlander Hybrid
Ford Escape Hybrid
More WiFi Seizures

Show Notes:
Sony at it again!
Digg Corruption
CompUSA Trouble
RIAA Slams Fair Use
Upgrade to XP
Netflix Streaming Shortcut
Moon Eclipse Saturday
Zune Phone?
XM Billing
51gb HD-DVD
Amazing Careport
Apple at NAB
TiVo Canceled
Julie Amero Sentencing
RIAA Boycott Day 1
Apple insensitive to real consumers
RIAA Attacks College Students
BackupHDDVD Takedown
Ear Scope
S3 and Scripting News
Preserving Ideas
ISS Risks
Gash in Atlantic
Symantec Concerns

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