Sony Blackballs a Major Blog on a Rumor!

I have been pretty hard on Sony and being my wife is from Japan it is pretty hard to keep Sony products out of my home. But last year when the Root Kit issue was handled horribly by Sony I vowed to not do business with them for a period of time.

Then just after Christmas I heard about a new product coming to market that I wanted to use at CES real bad. As hard as I tried I could not get my hands on a demo/prototype unit even though I was told later that they had them.

Ok fair enough I was shown the hand by Sony for smacking them pretty hard from before. Granted I have never had access to any Sony demo units before and likely will never have access to any of their pro-gear unless I buy it myself.

Tonight though I am quite astonished to read a dialogue that happened between gaming site Kotaku and Sony. It seems that Kotaku got a big scoop on a apparent announcement and when they tried to vet the story Sony played real hard ball with them and essentially blackballed them.

The following is a partial quote from a senior Sony executive and is mind blowing.

“I am very disappointed that after trying to work with you as closely as possible and provide you and your team with access and information, you chose to report on this rumour…. I can’t defend outlets that can’t work cooperatively with us.

So, it is for this reason, that we will be cancelling all further interviews for Kotaku staff at GDC and will be dis-inviting you to our media event next Tuesday. Until we can find a way to work better together, information provided to your site will only be that found in the public forum.

Again, I take absolutely no joy in sending you this note, but given the situation you have put me into, I have no choice.

Dave Karraker
Sr. Director, Corporate Communications
Sony Computer Entertainment America”

Sony has effectively turned a non-story into more cannon fodder for those that rightfully so think Sony just does not get it. When you read the linked story I think you will see how they were willing to excommunicate a site that generally gives them good press over a rumour that if true would have ended up being a positive story for Sony. Instead Sony gets a “F” and some severe backlash.

Lets hope Sony learns that it is a new media world out there and one cannot simply bully a site. This is a classic example of corporate ignorance at it’s best. Kotaku