Clearwire let me down!

One of the reasons I subscribed to Clearwire was to add to my bandwidth pool at home which has worked out real well. The second reason was to take the device with me on the road and use it while on travels.

Two weeks ago when I was in Chicago very near O’Hare I set the clearwire modem up in the hotel and was disappointed when it did not get a signal. To think that I was in an area with about 30 hotels one would have thought they would have a tower in the area.

The second try was when I was down in Jacksonville Florida and rolled the dice again to see if their was a signal. Sadly no signal their either and considering Jacksonville’s size I would have thought that their would have been service. Once again I was in a central heavily populated area.

I have a piece of advise for the clearwire folks. Make it easy for travellers to determine where you have coverage so I don’t have to pack the receiver in my suitcase. This will make it easier for folks like me that plan on taking the device on the road.

Note: Sprint EVDO service has good in both areas but I was surprised that Rev A service was not in Chicago and of note the 3G speed in Jacksonville was beyond terrible.

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  1. My experience with clearwire has been a bad one. I am not getting anywhere close to the advertised bandwidth and in trying to bring the problems to their support team, there is no effort to get the problem solved, just excuses and no offer to refund since they haven’t delivered the service paid for. I even requested contact from an executive and got a run around by their service department on that too. I would not recommend them to an enemy even at this point! This account was given to me for a year by a friend to help me be able to show and sell my art on the Internet because I am disabled and the service works so lousy in trying to upload print files because they are throttling bandwidth on everyone. This is not how they represent their service to be!!!!


  2. I’ve looked at Clearwire since they moved into town. The one thing holding me back from subscribing to their service is the limited coverage areas.

    In my new business, I’ll be traveling some into NM, OK, and KS. None of these states have coverage at all. I’m in Texas, and there are plenty of places here, but I don’t want to limit my business to TX alone.

    Honestly, I’m most likely going to go with a Cingular data plan and use my new PDA (when I get it) tethered to my laptop. If you travel nationwide, it’s hard to beat the cell carriers.

  3. all you have to do is go to and look at the covage map of the US and it will tell you what cities are covered and then you look at that city to see what areas are covered.

    Scott Tyner
    Clearwire Dealer

  4. Looking at the coverage map of Clearwire, they do not have any coverage in the Chicago area. However, parts of Jacksonville are covered. Their areas of coverage look sparse as of yet. Perhaps I’ll wait.

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