The RIAA Denounce Digital Fair Use bill

This rhetoric out of the mouths of the folks at the RIAA are already at a fevered pitch over the introduction of the Digital Fair use Bill a great battle is about to begin.

U.S. Representatives Rick Boucher (D-VA) stated “The FAIR USE Act will assure that consumers who purchase digital media can enjoy a broad range of uses of the media for their own convenience in a way which does not infringe the copyright in the work,”

While I have been a big proponent of Fair Use Rights and think this bill is a great first step in protecting consumer rights, the RIAA and content creators are going to come in swinging on this one.

Fair Use advocate and Gary Shapiro and the members of the CEA would benefit greatly by this bill and I am hoping that CEA members and Gary Shapiro and his staff put some muscle behind this. They need to understand that they are going to have to fight and get twist some ears in the halls of congress. This is the time to call in some markers.

Meanwhile the RIAA is saying in essence that the DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) has done nothing but benefit consumers. This is one of the most outrageous assessment yet, any consumer that has even modicum knowledge of the DMCA realizes that fair use rights have continued to be restricted.

The end goals of the RIAA and MPAA is through content restriction legislation, along with consumer device obsolescence that through time will remove any aspect of fair use that remains.

I will be trumpeting this bill even though it is somewhat limited in scope and leaves some critical issues on the table. I want you to get the word out to your congressional representatives today to support and put their vote behind this legislation. This is the first chance we have had in a while to make a difference in the Fair Use Rights, that treats consumers as consumers and not criminals.

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  1. Todd, Right On! May i please suggest you do a brief 3 minute (or so) podcast and toss it out? Folks need to do this NOW and every means you can use to contact them should be used.

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