400 Million in Podcast Advertising by 2011?

I saw the referenced article come out last night and have been dwelling on it all day. It should be no secret that I get to see a great deal of data both on the podcast statistics side and also from the perspective of what type of money companies are dropping into the podcasting space.

While I cannot go into specifics of any of those deals. I can say that the advertisers are very happy with the results and keep renewing. While we are pretty proud in helping 400+ podcasters monetise their shows, we also have learned a great deal in the proper structure of the deals themselves, along with realities of what happens of the course of a particular campaign.

While I would love to see 400 Million dropped annually into the space, the podcasting listening and producing community is going to have to get a lot bigger.

I should note that I would love to see more companies jump in. One things for sure we are ready now and have the multi-million show impression inventory now to support more vendors in the space. www.mediaweek.com