GNC-2007-02-13 #242

Next stop the Windy City and a special podcast from Chicago with the RawVoice Crew and Mom. Great show tonight with lots of great links and tidbits

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Listener Links:
10 Vista Myths
Meizu M8
Meizu M8 #2
Bootlegging Bootleggers Bootlegged
Are you a Minesweeper Adict?
NAB Podcasting Summit

Show Notes:
Do you care about RSS?
IDG to go Digital
OS X on Windows Machine Possible!
WiFi for Criminals
Walmart Sleeping with Microsoft

Google Radio Ads
Google Supplemental Index?
Using DOS in Vista
400 Million in Podcast Ads?
Nokia Video Podcatcher
YouTube Classic Shows
Google helps Pirates get Rich!
Nokia E90
Steve Jobs DRM Bait
$100 EMI DRM Challenge
Firefox Support Site Version 2.0
Get Traffic without Search Engines!
Azuerus calling home to Mama or the RIAA?
Cell Phones DRM PlayforSure
P2P Effect on Music Sales
Javascript Widgets, Plugins etc
Veoh Re-Launch
ISS temp loss of Power!
Saturn Moon Spray?
Beta Test Windows Home Server
Given MP3 by Mistake
Universal and no Fair Use! Website Escapades

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