The Gillmor Gang R.I.P

What the heck is going on in the Podcasting Space first we hear that TWIT has possible participant commitment issues and now I find out that the Gillmor Gang is done. I have no inside information on what the heck is going on with all those personalities, but I have my own understanding of group dynamics.

When I started doing my personal show, I told my wife that when it was not fun anymore I would pull the plug. I currently publish on a schedule, but it is a schedule that I enjoy and can handle. I also understand the personality challenges of doing multi-person shows. We have those challenges on our Round Tables at as well.

But I am willing to work through those challenges for a very simple reason. The LISTENERS. The live round tables that we do are usually attended by 25–30 people who we appreciate very much. But do you know how many downloads that show gets after we put it online? Over the 30 days following the production of the Round Table, it is typically downloaded over 20,000 times. With the Round Table only being published once a month I am thrilled about the impact we make with that show.

I have always wanted to do a weekend show with a number of tech podcasters. But I know the commitment to do a multi-participant show is more than most would be willing to make. With the right mix of people though you could have a show that would have a significant impact on the space.

But it makes me wonder with the Gillmor Gang R.I.P. and TWIT on life support if that is a venture not worth the headache to produce. [Steve Gillmor]

One thought on “The Gillmor Gang R.I.P

  1. Some of the key problems with continuing a podcast are not only related to commitment. Take the Gillmor Gang for example. In my humble opinion, it lacked both content and presentation. Content was up and down, sometimes good, sometimes bad. Presentation was downright lacklustre. Heck, those guys used to make me go to sleep so quick I would recommend it as an Ambien replacement any time. Problem is you wouldn’t get addicted coz you wouldn’t want to hear the show again!

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