Welcome to the Party Jason!

OldmicSeems Jason Calacanis has woken up to the fact that podcasting is big. He even got a sponsorship deal from my friends at GoDaddy. You do know Jason who brought GoDaddy into the podcast advertising space don’t you? Pleasure to have been of service in a round about way.

Jason has caught the bugg and will be doing a series of Podcast and I look forward to listening to them. In a Keynote he gave at the Blog Business Summit he talked about podcasting, blogging and integrity.

His points struck home because the community has worked very hard to bring a level of integrity to blogging and podcasting.

But there is one thing that I think does not work in podcasting that works in blogging. Podcasters have worked hard to build relationships and prove the model with advertisers, Podcasters have to believe in the product they are pitching, after all our audiences are part of our extended family, and you would never recommend something to a family member that you could not stand behind.

So his policy of separating the Weblog Inc bloggers from advertisers will not work in podcasting. Without the relationship, and without the podcaster being able to get behind a product the audience will be able to tell in an instant. This is one challenge that Google may have if they enter the space. But one thing for sure finding the write vendors is very hard work. But it will be nice to have another advocate out their that understands and can convey the power of the medium. [Pro PR]