Apple MacBook Issues continue to esclate!

AppleSeems Apple has a pretty big PR problem on it’s hands with the continued issues people are having with their MacBooks. Dave Winer has been pretty vocal about his issues. Today Doc Searls jumps in with a report of an enterprise customer who is holding off on buying 300 more MacBooks because of the 80 he has purchased already 10 of them have issues.

Apple continues to be largely silent about this. It seems that the quality products that they are famous for has started to slip considerably. I am sure a lot of it has to do with the fact that Apple rushed to get the new product line with the new processors shipped and they in all likelihood rushed the R&D

This is a very serious issue and Apple needs to give some love back to the people that love Apple, they risk further alienating their very loyal base of people. My advice is for those thinking about buying a 13’MacBook wait. If you cannot wait purchase a MacBook Pro

I could not have said any better than Doc has “How many MacBooks aren’t selling now because one in eight existing customers hates what’s been happening to them?” [Doc Sealrs]