Some claim 2007 Will Be A Big Year For RSS?

RssThe author of the Read /Write Weblog says that 2007 will be a big year for RSS. Personally I am not as optimistic, but I have been wrong before. His reckoning is that because IE7 will have RSS integrated the masses not using RSS to get content will essentially see the light and join the party.

Sites that are going to benefit the most of course are major media outlets, web sites like mine which attract a niche crowd probably will not see such a significant impact. The main problem of course will be educating people on the power of syndication. When you have a large number of companies and bloggers using services like feedburner that makes your RSS feed look pretty in a browser some will get confused and bookmark the RSS page.

I see a lot of people doing that already! When someone clicks on my RSS link they get a page that when it loads they know is meant for a machine to read and not a human. I would love to see the statistics at Feedburner on the number of RSS page views they get a day that are from ordinary browsers.

So will 2007 be a big year for RSS? Will our RSS subscriptions climb by 90%? Your guess is as good as mine we will see if the prediction holds true. I would really love to be wrong on this one. []

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