Zero Day Emergency Response Team

Being Microsoft has been extremely reckless and slow to respond a very dangerous exploit in the wild a team known at the “Zero Day Emergency Response Team” has reverse engineered the bug and has released a patch, while Microsoft is stuck in the mud.

The question I have is if a group of people can release a patch that fixes the vulnerability that is resulting in computers being compromised why the heck can’t a company with the resources of Microsoft get the job done. Someone at Microsoft needs there asses fired and sent packing. Their ongoing disregard to Zero day Exploits has me at a breaking point.

You have a exploit that is causing people computers to be compromised and you let a team of unknowns get a patch out before you do. If I was Bill Gates I would personally start cleaning house. Microsoft and their inaction is in my opinion bordering on complete incompetence and criminal neglect. [eWeek]