GNC-2006-09-19 #201

Back in the saddle with a full on Tech Show. Feels good to be back on schedule even though there are some ongoing family issues. Spread the word I am back and help me build the audience here on the Geek News Central Podcast

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Show Links:
Cork Planet
Mark Cuban YouTube Demise
Proposal Gone Bad
Bionic Woman
Adobe CS3
Synchronize Everything
In-Flight Broadband
Bought a Search Engine
Data Compromise
HP Spying
Broadband Speed Test
Serial Numbers
Steve Jobs Quest
New Media Picks
VOIP Explosion
Adobe Acrobat
Soyuz to ISS
Warner and YouTube
Prof Podcast Pulled
Seagate HD Break through
Virgin Bans Apple and HP Laptop Use
iPod users not Buying tunes!
Microsoft To Battle YouTube
Zune Revealed
Rent a Phone and get Robbed

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